Spa "Masse di San Sisto"

The Locanda is just 4 km from this area spa.

For stays of three nights or more to offer input to the thermal pools included in the price of your stay with us.

Spa of the Masses of St. Sixtus : Located at the southern endof the spa in Viterbo, at the junction of Highway Orte-Viterbo SS CassiaSouth (Location Paliano).

The spa of the masses of San Sisto, there are two spa tubs, a spa large enough hot water and a smaller spa with warm water (about 18 ° C). This peculiarity of the thermal mass of St. Sixtus of Viterbo allows you toexperience the sensation of temperature difference from a pool to another.

Available to bathers in the spa of the masses of St. Sixtus then there area large green lawn, restrooms, a small shop for drinks, cabins for changing clothes and showers.

Except for short periods of time necessary to clean the thermal bath, the bath can always be done, even at night (very impressive) until the morning.

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